My Writing Process Blog Tour

I am so excited that Jessica of The Slender Grapefruit invited me to be a part of the My Writing Process blog tour! Jessica’s blog is packed with healthy recipes and fitness tips. She is an inspiration to those who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

For those who are unfamiliar with how the blog tour works, I answer a set of questions about my writing process and then introduce three other bloggers who will answer the same set of questions next week. Each of them would also introduce a set of three bloggers for the following week, and so on.

What am I working on? Honestly, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been blogging regularly. It’s been hard to find time to cook and bake. I do, however, have a shumai recipe in the works! Outside of blogging, I’ve been busy at work and also with wedding planning, among other things. I am not hiring a wedding coordinator, so please send me some planning tips if you have any!

How does my work differ from others of its genre? My blog covers a wide range of food-related topics. Although the majority of my writing is focused on recipes that I’ve tested or modified, I try to be diverse with my posts by reviewing food from restaurants and food events. My recipe posts are diverse and range from desserts to Asian dishes.

Why do I write what I do? I’ve always had a passion for food, and also picked up my passion for cooking and baking 4-5 years ago. Writing about food is a great way for me to document my discoveries and to share them with everyone.

How does your writing process work? I typically have a (never-ending) list of dishes or food items that I want to make from scratch in my own kitchen. I decide what to make next based on my current mood and the availability of ingredients. I try my best to take pictures from start to finish as I cook or bake. Within the next couple days, I begin writing my blog post, which includes the recipe instructions and the appropriate pictures (I add in the pictures last).

Who’s Up Next:
The Not So Creative Cook: Jhuls is one of the most diverse bloggers I know! Her recipes range from Filipino dishes (both savory and sweet) to healthy food items like smoothies. She also occasionally writes reviews on books that she reads.
Improv Artz: This creative individual also blogs on a variety of topics. While her food-related posts are fun to read, I find her DIY projects (such as custom baby shower cards) most interesting. I learn a lot from her posts!
Shivaay Delights: Dimple runs the ultimate food blog! Her blog contains all sorts of recipes that will provide you with ideas for breakfast, lunch, and multi-course dinners. I’m always looking forward to her next post!

Thank you, Jessica, for allowing me to be a part of this tour! I am looking forward to reading the posts for next week’s blog tour!


12 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. Congrats, Ada! And thanks for passing on a tour torch to me. :p It almost sounds like the torch marathon for the Olympics. I enjoys your cooking and food endeavors. Keep going! Good luck with the wedding planning! All your food posts makes me hungry….in fact… I’m hungry staring at that pasta noodle dish under your “Follow Me on Instagram” bar.

  2. It’s so interesting to hear how other bloggers work; thanks, Ada, for giving us insights into your process! Good luck with your wedding plans. Can’t wait to read about your shumai. ;~)

    1. It definitely is interesting to read about the different ways bloggers go about their writing process! Will try to post the shumai recipe within the next few weeks or so. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon! 😀

      1. Wooow!! How did I miss that news? Did you mention it somewhere? Anyway, I am so happy for you and I can’t wait to see wedding photos! Well, please post some! Thanks again, Ada! Have fun! 😉

      2. Haha I didn’t make any sort of big announcement 😉 Thank you, Jhuls! I need to start getting back into my exercise routine and dieting..will need to look up some of your smoothie recipes 😀

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